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Nothing-Goes-To-Waste Chicken Bundle

Nothing-Goes-To-Waste Chicken Bundle

Avg wt 15 lbs

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Save $15.11

Nothing-Goes-To-Waste Chicken Bundle.

When we cook a whole chicken, nothing goes to waste. That means we use the whole chicken and there are so many parts! In this bundle you'll find all the parts from the chicken packaged and ready for your creativity. This is our attempt at all the parts from 2 whole chickens, but don't go counting hearts, there are more than 2 in the package! In the mood for Chicken Pate? Fried Chicken Feet? Grilled Chicken Hearts? 

Bundle Includes:

2 (1lb pkgs) Boneless Chicken Breast (2 Breasts per pkg)

1 (0.9lb pkgs) Chicken Tenders (8 per pkg)

1 (1.7lb pkg) Chicken Thighs (4 Thighs per pkg)
1 (0.9lb pkg) Chicken Wings (8 Wings per pkg)
1 (1.2lb pkg) Chicken Drumsticks (4 Drumsticks per pkg)
1 (32oz pkg) Chicken Stock
1 (1lb pkg) Chicken Necks
1 (1lb pkg) Chicken Feet
1 (1lb pkg) Chicken Livers
1 (1lb pkg) Chicken Hearts
1 (2.5lb pkg) Chicken Soup Bones

1 (8oz) Chicken Schmaltz

Total weight approximately 15-16 lbs