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Beef Delmonico Steak

Beef Delmonico Steak

$32.00 /lb.
Avg. 1.1 lb.

Beef Delmonico Steak (Boneless Ribeye Steak). 1.0 lb average (1 steak per package). 

Delmonico steak is the same muscle or cut of beef as the Ribeye steak but does not include the bone. Our grass-fed Delmonico steak has delicious marbling for a succulent buttery taste, tender texture for a smooth chew. As with all of our premium cuts, BEWARE the overcook! 

There is an infinite number of ways to prepare this cut: you can season it and pan sear, broil or grill it. Serve it up with a garnish and potatoes, or any side of your choosing (asparagus, salad, pasta…). The possibilities are endless! With a steak this delicious, the sides are just an afterthought.

Did you know...that the ribeye is the area of the animal that is used to "grade" the carcass? Grading is the process of assessing the intramuscular fat marbling and the ribeye tends to be representative of the whole animal.

If we haven't told you about our friend Cory...we will again. Use the famous "Cory Finger Poke Test" to determine doneness if a meat thermometer (or infrared thermometer for the techo-cooks out there) is not in your kitchen. The Cory Finger Poke Test is performed by pushing the cooking meat with your finger. When trained you can easily tell the doneness of a cut of meat with your finger. Start with a raw piece of meat, poke its center and note the texture. Then begin cooking, and use a meat thermometer as reference to not doneness as it relates to "poke feel." It really works!