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Beef New York Strip Steak

Beef New York Strip Steak

$23.00/lb. Avg. 1.3lb .
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Beef New York Strip Steak. 2 Steaks Per Package (8 oz average)

The New York Strip Steak presents the full package when it comes to a cut of meat. This steak is full of flavor, juicy and tender, and lean. It cooks quickly and is very versatile in cooking methods. You can broil it, grill it, or pan sear it. 

Also known as the Top Loin Steak, this quality cut can be cut in half to serve two or sliced thinly to use in a sandwich. You can even use it as a salad topper! This cut has integrity (is a little less tender), so it offers a savory bite and textured chew, which is why people love it. The marbling of the steak adds to its robust flavor. Our steaks are boneless, making them basically waste-free. This cut is great for a quick but satisfying (and classy) meal.

Did you know...What's the difference between a NY Strip Steak and a T-Bone steak? The bone! Sort of sounds like a bad joke. Beef cuts have many different names for the same muscle, just prepared differently. So if we leave the rib and spine bone on this cut we call it a T-Bone, if we trim the bone back (chineing) or remove the bone entirely it is called a NY Strip Steak. We typically trim or remove the bone to help with packaging. Bones often puncture the vacuum sealed bag and can lead to freezer burn.