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All Beef Hot Dogs

All Beef Hot Dogs

All Beef Hot Dogs. 8/pkg. 1 lb.

We have so much to say about Hot Dogs! I love hot dogs and we are thrilled to offer our all beef hot dogs. These hot dogs are made by our friends at Eagle Bridge Smokehouse, they are a small family run operation and they take pride in their work. Our hot dogs are made from our 100% grass fed beef. 

Our hot dogs are made from:

✓ Our 100% Grass-fed Beef
✓ Soy, wheat and dairy free
No fillers, additives or any weird stuff
 No PINK SLIME! (Ammonia treated reclaimed meat scraps that commercial hotdogs come from!)

We have chosen to offer regular hot dogs with sodium nitrite. A word about nitrates:

Health is our mission. This means for our animals, our farm, the land needed to produce the grain AND the health of us eaters. Hot dogs are what is called an emulsified sausage that is then cured and smoked. This process is the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that causes botulism. As food processors we use nitrates (sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite) to effectively eliminate this risk. For a product like hot dogs, there is no way around this. Some hot dogs claim to be nitrate free* and there is that funny little asterisk. Follow the footnote and you'll see except those naturally occurring in celery (or other vegetables that naturally contain nitrates). These naturally occurring nitrates do the same job of preventing botulism because they are the same chemical, in fact they generally have shown to contain higher levels of the nitrate compounds leading to more health risks.

For a deep dive into the science see my blog post on nitrates, and this Washington Post Article.



100% grass-fed beef, water, dried mustard, salt, paprika, sugar, mace, tri-poly sodium phosphate, sodium nitrite, celery seed, black pepper, white pepper, garlic, hog casings.