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Beef Skirt Steak

Beef Skirt Steak

$22.95 /lb.
Avg. 1.5 lb.

Beef Skirt Steak. 1.2-2lbs Per Package. 

We love this cut for fajitas or stir fry, with good marbling and thin meat this 100% Grassfed skirt steak wants fast and high heat cooking. Try your favorite marinade or rub in some salt and pepper, then cut the strips across the grain of the meat for the best mouth feel.

Did you know...that meat cuts have a grain? What does this mean? Well if you remember from high school biology, muscles have fibers that can lengthen and contract, which is how the muscle moves. These fibers run parallel to one another in most muscles. If you look at the picture of the skirt steak above, you can see the muscle and fat fibers run up and down. This is the grain. When we chew up the muscle, the meat is chewy, the longer and tougher the muscles are. So to help our teeth out, cut this steak into 1/2" strips to shorten the muscle fibers!