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Beef Flap Meat

Beef Flap Meat

$16.62 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Delicious steak tip-like pieces.

Beef Flap Meat. 1 lb av per package.

I love this cut for a few reasons: 


It's not a steak, it's not a roast, it's not cubes...it's just Flap Meat! Maybe we could call them "spears"...? Cut them into cubes for melt in your mouth and flavorful kabobs, fry them in a skillet and cut across the grain for fajitas or serve as steak tips.

The genius in how we present this cut is that the spears are such that you'll naturally cut across the grain helping the cut be as tender as possible. 


I love a name that demands a question (because I love a good conversation about food) and with a name like Flap Meat, who is not going to ask: "what is flap meat?"

And the answer is they are cute little (4 oz) spears cut from the Flap, which is just what it sounds like: a flap of meat that is long and thin located just down the flank of the sirloin.


This one doesn't last long on our table. Easy and fast to cook, we sprinkle salt and pepper on the meat in the sizzling skillet, turn on each side until seared and still soft to the finger poke. Then slice across the grain (the short way) and enjoy!