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A Little About Us

Reber Rock Farm is an 120-acre draft powered farm on the southern edge of the Reber Valley in Essex, NY. We produce Pasture Raised Chicken fed organic grain, and graze grass-fed beef. Reber Rock is designed as a two-family farm, with the management and labor burden split across two couples, so that each can stay health and happy for many years to come. We are a diversified farm, whose farmers seek a diversified livelihood. Forest Management services and Draftwood orders taken at any time. Suffolk Punch Draft horse sales upon availability.

Custom Slaughter & Butchering available on farm

Beef, Pork, Poultry & More

the team

  • Nathan Henderson
    Nathan Henderson
  • Racey Henderson
    Racey Henderson
  • Chad Vogel
    Chad Vogel
  • Gwen Vogel
    Gwen Vogel

Past Farmers

To all the folks who have helped us get to where we are today, thank you.

  • Gints Aldins
    Gints Aldins
    Past Farmer
  • Emily Hoffman
    Emily Hoffman
    Past Farmer
  • Caitlin Kelly
    Caitlin Kelly
    Past Farmer
  • Klair Nevins
    Klair Nevins
    Past Farmer
  • Sara King
    Sara King
    Past Farmer
  • Jesse Hadden
    Jesse Hadden
    Past Farmer
  • Justine Morrison aka Pepper!
    Justine Morrison aka Pepper!
    Past Farmer

Links to External Media

Reber Rock Farm's submits regular photo journals - called Fotofeeds - on The Essex on Lake Champlain Website.  Below are links to each fotofeed.


All the pasture is a stage. This is Shakespeare in the raw. Brian Mann, North Country Public Radio
Artisan to Table. Emily Hoffman, photographer


How One Farm Saved Essex, Eatting Well Magazine
Fotofeed $7 - A way to live


Young farm startups go back to the land, Ideas.Ted.Com
Got Dinner Plans in 2015?  Meet Reber Meat
Fotofeed #6 - Tis the Season for Change and Growth
Fotofeed #5 - Getting Ready for Sugar


Fotofeed #4 - Year In Review
Fotofeed #3 - Season's Changing
Fotofeed #2 - June in July
Fotofeed #1 - Just getting started


Adirondack Explorer Magazine, March/AprilIssue 2014- Anew crop of farmers (cover story)


Nathan Henderson "Drafting a Future", a radiostory by Lauren Ober, summer 2012


Fox5 - local NYC news (1:41), Reber Rock Farm's maple syrup takes a sail to NYC on Ceres, the Vermont Sail Freight Project's barge


Barn Building, by Shax Entertainment 
Combine/First Sunflower Harvest, by Shax Entertainment
Turkey video of our amazing fun Pastured Turkeys!

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