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Curbside Pickup and delivery every week.

Custom Slaughter & Butchering

Reber Rock Farm is offering custom Slaughter & Butchering on farm

Beef, Pork, Poultry & More

...Also Selling Beef & Pork

For Service

Call (518) 573-4499

email gwenjamison@gmail.com

Trucking available

Slaughter & Butchering Prices

Beef Processing

$80.00 kill fee

$35.00 Viscera deposit

$0.80/lb hanging weight

Pork Processing

$50.00 kill fee

$20.00 viscera deposit

$0.80/lb hanging weight

extra for sausage (call for price)

Meat Bird Processing

$5.00 whole

$7.00 parted

Turkey Processing

$10.00 whole

$12.00 parted

Beef & Pork for Sale

Whole or in portions on demand

Beef Price

$3.00/lb hanging weight

Pork Price

$3.00/lb hanging weight

Trucking Fees

First hr. minimum $75.00

Loading fee $35.00/hr

After 10miles $3.00 loaded mile

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