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Chicken Bacon Burger

Chicken Bacon Burger

avg wt 1 lb


$16.50 /lb.
Avg. 1.01 lb.

Chicken Bacon Burger. 1lb packages. 

Processed here on the farm with our PRO chicken and our no-nitrate bacon. Simple ingredients, no nitrates of any kind.

Our chickens are Pasture Raised Organic. That means we never use antibiotics or hormones, and we feed only organic grain. Our chickens are also always outside, on pasture with daily moves and ample room to be a chicken.

Chicken and bacon? Why not? We have had delicious fun making burger patties for the grill, starting a stir-fry and our favorite yet was adding to beans for burritos. What will your favorite recipe be?

(We don't have a picture of this yet, so we're using the ground chicken picture. The sausage is loose, just like ground chicken. Packaged in 1 lb vacuum packed sealed bags.)


RRF PRO Chicken, RRF no-nitrate bacon.