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No-Nitrate Smoked Pork Ham Roast

No-Nitrate Smoked Pork Ham Roast

$16.95 /lb.
Avg. 5 lb.

No-Nitrate Smoked Pork Boneless Ham Roast. 5 lbs average.

Looking for a holiday ham roast that doesn't have any nitrates? We are so excited to offer our delicious Pasture Raised Pork (fed Organic Grain) with out any form of nitrates, either synthetic (sodium nitrate) or naturally occurring (celery powder). Working with our friends at Eagle Bridge Smokehouse we can offer these hickory smoked, no nitrate boneless ham roasts.

They key to any smoked product is to remember that is it already been cooked to an internal temperature of 150 degrees F. So like most meat if you over cook it will result in dry meat. So use your meat thermometer or watch closely. Cook to 145 internal temperature or about 15 minutes per lb. We tend to err on the side of a subtle rub of salt and sugar, so if you want a sweeter ham try adding a maple glaze.


Reber Rock Farm Pastured Pork, water, salt and sugar.