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Beef Mock Tender Roast

Beef Mock Tender Roast

$11.83 /lb.
Avg. 2.2 lb.

Beef Mock Tender Roast. 1-1.5lbs Per Package. 

Also known as a Medallion Pot Roast, this has a crafty name. It is easy to focus on the Tender part of the name, but indeed it is named for its similarity in SHAPE to the Tenderloin, but its texture is a mockery:) A small muscle in the chuck or shoulder of the beef, the Mock Tender is best cooked as a pot roast. Consider cutting rounds, braising them then putting them in a pressure cooker. Reduce the liquids to make a sauce.

Did you know...The Mock Tender can also be confused with the Shoulder Tender (aka petite tender or teres major) which is a very tender steak.