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FREE 10 PK Ground Chicken Frames

FREE 10 PK Ground Chicken Frames

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10 PK Ground Chicken Frames. 1 lb package. (FREE with purchase of $149 or more)

It started with the question: how do we make use of every part of the chicken? When we "part" a chicken into the various cuts (breast, thigh...etc.) we are left with what we call the chicken frame which still has a decent amount of meat on it. We love making our chicken bone broth, but there are still hundreds of lbs of leftover chicken frames, feet, kidneys and extra trim. So we tried grinding it up to feed to our puppy


Chicken Frames (what's left over when you take off the breast, tender, thigh, drumstick and wings), Kidneys, Necks, Feet, Skin and extra trim.

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