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Beef Top Round Steaks

Beef Top Round Steaks

$11.50/lb. Avg. 1.1lb .
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Beef Top Round Steaks. 1.1 lb average per package

These steaks are cut from the Top Round muscle from the Round or the rump of the beef. They are very lean and flavorful, and are best cooked quickly in the skillet then sliced thinly to serve. They also do well to be thrown into a stir-fry or fajitas. We prefer to cook the steak whole then cut strips to keep from overcooking. Lean cuts are particularly un-forgiving of drying out when over cooked:)

What is the difference between Top Round Steaks and Minute steaks? Top round steaks are cut thicker than a minute steak, which are cut thinner and are named for their quick cutting time (just one minute per side).

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