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Beef Strip Loin Roast

Beef Strip Loin Roast

$21.00/lb. Avg. 4.8lb .
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Beef Boneless Strip Loin Roast. 4.8 lb average per roast.

What is a NY Strip Loin roast? Is it different than a Prime Rib? Yes, and the world of beef cut nomenclature is confusing and contradictory at best. We call this roast a Strip Loin Roast, or NY Strip Roast or just Beef Loin Roast. This refers to the muscle and bone group that is towards the neck of the Ribeye, where we often cut our NY Strip Steaks or T-Bone steaks.

Slightly less luxurious than the Prime Rib and the Tenderloin the Strip Loin Roast is still an excellent beef roast for a special gathering. As we've mentioned before the most important piece of any roast recipe is the temperature of the meat. So get a good meat thermometer and cook your roast until your desired doneness. We prefer rare for best flavor and eating experience.

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