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Beef Shoulder Tender Steak

Beef Shoulder Tender Steak

$19.50/lb. Avg. 11.2 oz.
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Beef Shoulder Tender Steak. 1 steak per package. 0.7 lb average per package. 

This steak is a hidden gem of the beef animal. It goes by many names: shoulder petite tender, bistro filet, rat or teres major steak! As these names might imply, this cut is tender and prized if you know what you're getting. Some say as tender as the tenderloin, and not nearly as expensive! This little muscle is tucked in the shoulder, or the chuck of the beef. We only get two per animals so they are rare.

Because this muscle is so tender it is important not to over cook! Cook whole in the broiler or in the skillet, then slice thinly for fajitas, stir fry or as a stand alone steak.