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Pastured Pork Ears

Pastured Pork Ears

$8.95 /lb.
Avg. 4 oz.

Pastured Pork Ears. 2 ears per pkg.

I lived in Spain for many years and I was always impressed by the many delicious ways that every bit and piece of the pig was utilized and valued. One of my favorites is the Spanish tapa or appetizer called Oreja de Cerdo a la Plancha or Pig Ear cooked in cast iron. After a quick search I could only find a recipe for this in spanish! I know pig ears are also popular in sichuan cuisine and they are very popular for american canines:)

Whatever your preference we are proud to offer as many parts of the animal as we can, all from our Pasture Raised Pork who only ever eat Organic Grain on our farm.

Photo coming soon:)