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Beef Chuck Steak

Beef Chuck Steak

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$13.50/lb. $10.00/lb. Avg. 8 oz.
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Beef Chuck Steak. 0.5 lbs per package. 1 steaks per package.

These little chuck steaks are little gems. They are packaged individually and so look very small at 8oz per steak. They didn't fit into our description of other chuck eye steaks, so we created a new item. There are only a few of these in our freezer so when they are gone that's it!

The name of this steak is a reference to where it comes from: right next to our friend the Ribeye. Essentially where the ribeye tapers out into the chuck (shoulder) of the beef. So while not quite as tender as the ribeye, the chuck has all the same flavor and is still tender.

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