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Tip Your Farmer

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Hi!  We're the Hendersons.  We own and run Reber Rock Farm with our employees and community members. Supporting your health and the health of land through food is our passion. We farm organically (and often beyond Organically) because it is the most effective way to extend the benefits of healthy food production beyond the land that we farm here in Reber.  

The choices we make to buy organic grain for our animals, steward our land through pasture based production systems and pay our employees as well as we can are intentional and brave.  

We rely on your support to stay on this mission. And sometimes, we go a little broke doing the work of growing animals, making syrup and collaborating with other farms to provide you the clean food.

Let more than your stomach support us, and leave a tip. 

We are grateful to have you on this journey with us.