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Chicken Schmaltz

Chicken Schmaltz

8 oz jar


Also known as rendered Chicken Fat. 8 oz jar.

Made from our Pasture Raised Organic Chickens.

We think you can tell a lot about how an animal was raised from her fat. Look at the color or our Schmaltz and you can see the difference. That golden yellow color is from all the beta carotene (precursor to vitamin a) that the chickens eat on fresh pasture every day. This is currently my favorite cooking oil to use in the kitchen. It has a nice high smoking point so is great for stir fries and cooking, and is also great for baking. I made all our thanksgiving gravy this year with schmaltz, no butter and it was delicious. With a melting point in the 60s our Schmaltz is pourable at room temperature, I've even tried it in salad dressings.

Many of us use imported cooking oils in our kitchen, try using our local organic Schmaltz.

We strive to not waste any part of the chicken. We found that to make the best chicken stock we needed to skim all the fat off. And so to make that process easier, we thought we should remove as much of the fat from the bones before making stock. So what to do with the fat? Enter Schmaltz. Like lard, but made from our Pasture Raised Organic Chickens its some of the best cooking fat you can find!

All of our chickens are certified organic, they are on pasture as soon as they are hearty enough (3 weeks old) and we raise slower growing breeds from Freedom Ranger Hatchery for better flavor and nutrition.

We cannot label our schmaltz Organic, because the folks down the road who process and jar the schmaltz for us are not certified organic. Please know that all the fat is from our Certified Organic Chickens and no other products are added to make the schmaltz.