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Rendered Chicken Fat
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Schmaltz! Also known as rendered Chicken Fat. 8 oz jar.

We strive to not waste any part of the chicken. We found that to make the best chicken stock we needed to skim all the fat off. And so to make that process easier, we thought we should remove as much of the fat from the bones before making stock. So what to do with the fat? Enter Schmaltz. Like lard, but made from our Pasture Raised Organic Chickens its some of the best cooking fat you can find! Use it in your next stir fry, or spread on your toast, its an incredibly versatile food!

All of our chickens are fed certified organic grain, our chickens are on pasture as soon as they are hearty enough (3 weeks old) and we raise slower growing breeds from Freedom Ranger Hatchery for better flavor and nutrition.

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