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Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin

$27.50 /lb.
Avg. 11.2 oz.

Pork Tenderloin. 0.7lb per package

You just can't beat our classic Pork Tenderloin. As is usual with this type of meat, we get this cut straight from the loin. The muscle, running from the pig's hip to shoulder, is tender and results in a delicious piece of meat. Different from the Loin, the Tenderloin is tucked inside the ribs. 

Pork tenderloin as it comes tends to be relatively mild. Therefore, we recommend adding some sort of seasoning. Spice rubs, marinades, sauces, stuffings, etc. will bring out the meat's delicious flavor. Our pork tenderloin is elegant enough to act as the main course at your next dinner party. You can also use it for something more low-key like a weeknight family dinner.

Consider roasting or grilling the whole cut, "butterfly" the cut by cutting it halfway lengthwise and them pounding it flat for breading and frying. Or, you can slice it crosswise and proceed to sauté the resulting medallions.

Order your pork tenderloin to receive it right at your doorstep! Our insulated boxes will keep it frozen until you get home.

Our pork is always raised on pasture and fed only Certified Organic Grain. They are never given any antibiotics or hormones, just sunshine and fresh air.