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Pork Hot Dogs

Pork Hot Dogs

Pork Hot Dogs. 8/pkg. 1 lb.

We are so excited to offer pork hot dogs from our Pasture Raised Pork, who only ever eat Organic Grain. Our pork hot dogs are made from the same delicious meat that our sausages and ground pork is made from. No fillers, and no funny business. Just quality pork and spices.

Many will claim they have "nitrate free" hot dogs, but beware! This is not the case, hot dogs must have nitrates for food safety reasons. Our pork hot dogs contain nitrates in the form of celery seed, which contains naturally occurring sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. 

For a deep dive into the science see my blog post on nitrates, and this Washington Post Article.


RRF Pastured Pork fed Organic Grain, water, dried mustard, paprika, salt, sugar, mace, celery seed, black pepper, white pepper, garlic, sheep casings.