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Pastured Pork Tail

Pastured Pork Tail

1 tail!
$6.57 /lb.
Avg. 1.33 lb.

Pastured Pork Tail. 1 Tail per pkg, avg wt 1.3 lbs

There is not much we can tell you about this other than it is an edible pigtail! Wikipedia tells me that you can smoke, fry, brine or roast pigtails. (What can't you do that with??) Cooked low and slow it will have a rich succulent flavor, and fall off the bone. 

These pigtails include a portion of the base of the pigs spine as well as the tail itself.

Whatever your preference we are proud to offer as many parts of the animal as we can, all from our Pasture Raised Pork who only ever eat Organic Grain on our farm.