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No-nitrate Pork Canadian Bacon

No-nitrate Pork Canadian Bacon

$20.63 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

No-nitrate Canadian Bacon. 1/2 lb packages.

We are really excited about this Canadian bacon. Canadian bacon, is not bacon made in Canada, or thick cut bacon. Canadian bacon comes from a completely different muscle of the pig: the loin. Yep the same cut we get pork chops from. We take the loins, rub them with spices like with bacon, then smoke them and slice it. The key to cooking Canadian Bacon is that it is a much leaner cut than regular bacon. So just give it a quick stay in the skillet or under the broiler to keep it moist and tender.

Most Canadian bacon out there contains either Sodium Nitrate or Celery Powder both of which contain sodium nitrate. Our Canadian bacon is smoked but uncured, so it does not contain any nitrates, synthetic or naturally occurring.

Our pork is always raised on pasture and fed only Certified Organic Grain. They are never given any antibiotics or hormones, just sunshine and fresh air.


Pastured Pork, Salt, Sugar