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Ground Chicken

Ground Chicken

avg wt 1.01 lbs

NEW Ground Chicken!


Ground Chicken. 1lb packages.

Here at Reber Rock Farm our ground chicken is just that: ground chicken! No fillers, no added preservatives, just the same delicious chicken you're used to getting from our farm. 

Our chickens are Pasture Raised Organic. That means we never use antibiotics or hormones, and we feed only organic grain. Our chickens are also always outside, on pasture with daily moves and ample room to be a chicken.

🌿 Nurtured with Care: Our commitment to organic farming practices shines through in every bite. Our chickens enjoy the freedom of open pastures, basking in natural sunlight, and indulging in a diet free from harmful chemicals or antibiotics.

🍗 Ground to Perfection: Our Organic Ground Chicken is meticulously prepared, ensuring that it retains its natural juiciness and flavor. It's a versatile addition to your kitchen, perfect for crafting everything from savory meatballs to hearty burgers.

🍴 Versatile and Nutrient-Rich: Embrace the versatility of our Ground Chicken as you create nutritious, delicious meals for your loved ones. Packed with essential nutrients, it's a healthy choice that your family will savor.

Our ground chicken is flavorful and never dry. We take only dark meat from thighs and drumsticks to make our ground chicken. Yum.