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Smoked Pork Ham Hock

Smoked Pork Ham Hock

$8.13 /lb.
Avg. 2.5 lb.

Smoked Ham Hock. 2 hock per package, 2.5 lbs average.

Most smoked products use nitrates, either in the form of synthetic Sodium Nitrate, or by using Celery Juice or Celery Salt. Our Smoked Ham Hock is completely free of Nitrates, synthetic or natural, so you can cook knowing what is in your food.

In the old days, you never wasted a single piece of the pig. These days the average customer does not consume every piece of the hog, but the hock is not one to be missed! The hock is the lower leg of the hog. 

These hocks are cured just like our bacon. Add them to your favorite chili, soup or pot of beans for some amazing flavor.


Salt, Sugar and wood smoke