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Chicken Tenders (Fingers)

Chicken Tenders (Fingers)


Chicken Tenders or Fingers. 1 lb Per Package. Frozen.

Everyone has herd of chicken tenders, or chicken fingers, but did you know that it is actually a specific "cut" or muscle of the chicken? It's a small muscle tucked under the breast. And it sure does take well to breading and frying! 

Try a buttermilk batter and fry or oven roast them! Or try a light marinade and mix them in with your shish kebab.

We now can deliver right to your doorstep in an insulated box to preserve freshness.

All of our chickens are fed certified organic grain, our chickens are on pasture as soon as they are hearty enough (3 weeks old) and we raise slower growing breeds from Freedom Ranger Hatchery for better flavor and nutrition.