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Beef Cubed Steak

Beef Cubed Steak


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Avg. 1 lb.

Beef Cubed Steak. 3 per package. Average 1 lbs per package.

Our grass-fed beef cubed steak, is a perfect choice for those who want something tasty and affordable.

Although it used to be considered a “butcher’s cut,” this inexpensive steak is a star player in many classic dishes, like Swiss steak and classic chicken fried steak. You can cook it fast or slow, making it perfect when you need a quick meal or have the time to make a more complex dish. 

We typically cut our cube steaks from the Top Round or the Bottom Round, which are muscles in what is called the "Round" which is the beef equivalent of upper thigh into rump area. 

Our processor then takes the steaks and runs puts them through a tenderizer machine, or a "cuber" as the local butchers here call it. This is a simple machine that makes offset cuts in the steak which makes it more tender by shortening the muscle fibers. You'll see little "cubes" in the texture of the steak thus its name! 

Check out this article from fellow farmers at Seven Sons to learn more about how to keep your minute steak tender in cooking: https://sevensons.net/blog/how...